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Recent Advances in Orthodontic Archwire Bending Robot System

[ Vol. 9 , Issue. 2 ]


Jingang Jiang, Zhao Wang, Yongde Zhang, Xiaoyang Yu, Xiaowei Guo and Yi Liu   Pages 125 - 135 ( 11 )


Malocclusion is the common oral disease. As the common and effective malocclusion orthodontic treatment method, and the important procedure of fixed appliance technology is the bending of orthodontic archwire. Precise position and posture control ability and stiffness bolding ability of robot can be used to overcome the archwire hyperelasticity. Orthodontic archwire bending robot system can improve the bending accuracy and efficiency of personalized archwire and promote the development of orthodontics. There has been an ever increasing concern for developing orthodontic archwire bending robot system with more applicable characteristics, especially those that can easily fit into various orthodontic arch wire space shapes. In this paper, research status of the typical orthodontic archwire bending robot systems is reviewed, the key problems in its development are discussed, the key technologies are summarized, and the future trend and the problems needing further research are analyzed. In this article, patents have been discussed on orthodontic archwire.


Archwire bending, bending apparatus, bending method, malocclusion, orthodontic, robot.


Robotics & ITS Engineering Research Center, Harbin University of Science and Technology, No.52 Xuefu Road, Nangang District, 150080, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, P.R. China.

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