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Experimental Study on the High Speed Performance of Bearings

[ Vol. 8 , Issue. 3 ]


Zhao Dong, Weiwei Zhang and He Qiang   Pages 260 - 266 ( 7 )


In this paper, two sets of H7014C/HQ1P4 bearings underwent test for high-speed performance under spray lubrication. The influence rules of rotation speed, pre-tightening force and oil pressure on the bearing temperature rising and host vibration were analyzed by adjusting the bearing rotation speed, axial pre-tightening force as well as oil pressure and measuring bearing temperature and host vibration. It has been found that the bearing temperature rises sharply as the rotation speed increases. At low rotation speed, the pre-tightening force has little influence on the bearing temperature rise, but at high rotation speed, the pre-tightening force should not be too small and can severely affect the bearing temperature rise. Increasing the amount of lubricate oil can reduce the extent of the bearing temperature rise while excessive addition cannot further improve this effect. It has been found that the bearing experiences an excellent high speed performance within the rotation speed of less than 24000r/min. This paper reviews various recent patents on high speed bearing test over the past three years. The list of patents reviewed here is by no means supposed to be complete or extensive but shows nevertheless evolution trends concerning high speed bearing test. An analysis of the reviewed patents repartition that allows conclusion of the expected future developments in this domain.


Axial pre-tightening force, H7014C/HQ1P4 bearing, high-speed performance test, oil pressure, rotation speed, temperature rise, vibration.


School of Mechanical Engineering Anyang Institute of Technology, AnYang, HeNan, Post Code 455000, P.R. China.

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