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A Review on Lane Changing for Intelligent Vehicle

[ Vol. 8 , Issue. 3 ]


Ronghui Zhang, Fuliang Li, Xuecai Yu, Zhonghua Zhang, Feng You and Tao Liu   Pages 184 - 194 ( 11 )


Lane changing is a significant research topic about micro transportation simulation and safety assistant driving. It has massive influence on transportation operation and safety. Lane changing and warning model researches can highlight operational laws of intelligent vehicles. So such researches are meaningful forintellectualization of vehicles and realization of automatic driving. This text analyzes lane changing models, impacts and lane changing warning methods thoroughly and discusses performances of existing lane changing models by addressing recent patents and scientific papers. Analysis of basic process in lane changing safety warning methods is also conducted. Merits and drawbacks of extant lane changing safety warning methods are discussed. Finally, a conclusion for universal problems in lane changing models, impacts and safety warning methods is drawn by this text, moreover current research trends and situation in lane changing research field are shown, in order to enhance these researches.


Assistant driving system, intelligent transportation system, intelligent vehicle, lane-changing model, lane-changing warning, traffic flow, traffic safety.


School of Engineering, Zhejiang Normal University, Jinhua Zhejiang 321004, P.R. China.

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